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We are Nashville's premier fishing guide service offering a wide range of trips from graph study, tournament pre fishing, technique specific,instructional learning trip's  all the way to fun fishing with a bobber and cricket. While specializing in bass and crappie fishing we can customize any trip to meet your needs while fishing Old Hickory Lake for largemouth, smallmouth, crappie or panfish. Come along with me, Capt. Ian Huey,  and enjoy a memorable day on Nashville's Old Hickory Lake with Old Hickory Lake Fishing Guide Service!!!!

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fishTerror_w.png Over the last several years one bait in particular has taken the fishing industry by storm. The A rig has changed the way we fish in all seasons but particularly in the winter and early spring. After several prototypes and with input from OHGS Fish Terror Baits has perfected the rig and brought the Thundering Herd! This rig is unbelievable and last winter/spring alone I caught 3 fish over 8 lbs with it while fishing Old Hickory and truly believe The Thundering Herd was the difference maker. Fish Terror Baits prides themselves in going above and beyond and bringing you a top of the line quality product that surpasses anything else on the market. The bread and butter and by far the most important part of any A Rig is the componentry. Fish Terror Baits uses 65 lb stainless snaps attached to 325 lb test stainless steel wire that is guaranteed to withstand any punishment you can throw at it! Plus Fish Terror allows you to customize your rig nearly any way you want and offer 8 models from 3 wire no blades all the way to 5 wire 11 blades. The Thundering Herd is available in Tennessee Shad, Blue chartreuse, and Lime shad. So the next time you are in the market for an A Rig do yourself a favor give these guys a shout. You won't be disappointed!!!


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Fishing on Old Hickory has been very good over the last several weeks with several patterns working well. Fish have finally moved out to the deeper water and have taken up residency on the river and creek ledges. This year has been very different from the years past as it seems the spawn has been very drawn out and everything seems at least several weeks behind what it normally is. The weather has finally stabilized out and the lack of huge rains has not only kept to water clean but also helped the temperature rise pushing the fish out to cooler waters. Water temps in the river have been in the low 80’s with creeks being only several degrees warmer.  Water clarity for the most part is consistent and clean throughout most areas of the lake.

Our main pattern has been fishing creek and river channel ledges looking for schools of bass. We have been able to find several really nice schools of fish over the last week or so and most of them appear as though they have just got there, beat up and multiple with bloody tails still. The key, as always in summer, is graphing until you find the fish on your electronics. Modern day electronics will tell you if they are there or not and being patient, waiting until you see what you should, is key to catching fish.  Fish are still schooled up really nicely and most schools don’t appear to be busted yet. Most productive baits have been the Strike King 6xd in Chartreuse Sexy Shad, Sexy Shad, Citrus and Chartreuse Blue. Your typical ledge baits are productive as well including football head jigs, c-rigged creature baits, shakey heads and 10 in worms.

            We are also catching fish on channel banks in the creeks and river. If you are not able to find fish on ledges, a good fall back plan is hitting any banks where the channel hits it with the highest percentage areas being where the channel hits and turns away from the bank. We have been fishing football head jigs, shakey heads and trigged baits on these banks.

            If you are having trouble finding fish this summer, book a trip with us and allow OHGS to show you how to break down ledge fishing, setup/fish ledges and go over productive baits. It is a whole system that makes ledge fishing work and we know how to do it! Recognizing what bass looking like on your side imaging unit is the most important part of ledge fishing and we have helped hundreds of anglers improve their summer fishing by taking our ledge fishing trips!

            When you come fishing with us here at OHGS we are focused on the whole experience. Not only do we believe in catching fish but we enjoy teaching, never hold back any of our secrets and do everything possible to make your day a memorable experience. We supply brand new fishing equipment from our awesome sponsors including Lews fishing rods and reels, Strike King, Eco Pro Tungsten, Vicious Fishing, Simms, Fish Terror Baits and Engel Coolers. I am a fully licensed United States Coast Guard Captain and am fully insured.

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Fishing on Old Hickory has overall been good over the last several weeks with the bass and the bluegill being on fire! The constantly water levels have forced us to change patterns throughout the day with multiple patterns working. I cannot remember the water temperatures fluctuating as wildly as they have over the last month and was shocked several mornings when the temps were in the low 60’s in MAY! Water clarity has been variable from muddy to clean with the majority of the lake being about normal now. Waters temps are beginning to stabilize now with temps ranging from low 80’s in the back to low 70’s on the river.

 The bass bite has been good over the last several weeks with multiple patterns being productive. When the water is up in the grass the bite has been awesome! Swim jigs, frogs and buzzbaits have been the best. When the water levels fall, mid depth banks, 5-10 ft, have been good fished with crankbaits, shakey heads and various texas rigged plastics. Early in the mornings the shad spawn has been on and spinnerbaits, poppers and swimbaits have been productive. Target docks, riprap or grass and if the shad are there the bass will be too.

 After the last full moon the bluegill bite has been red hot! We have been targeting the backs of creeks and pockets and have caught them on a variety of baits. If you have never tried bluegill fishing with topwater baits you are missing out!


Here at OHGS we use brand new high-end fishing equipment from Denali Rods, Lews reels, Vicious Line, Fish Terror Baits, Strike King, Eco Pro Tungsten and other top of the line equipment. I am a United States Coast Guard licensed captain and 100% dedicated to making your trip the trip of a lifetime.



Fishing on Old Hickory has been good over the last several weeks with good numbers and quality being caught. Fishing in certain areas are ahead of schedule it seems, and this is what we have focused on for quality. There are more bites in typical staging areas like points, lead in banks etc, but the quality has been more consistent in the shallow water. The wind has been a huge key to ignite that shallow bite and without it can make for a bit of a grind and game plan change. It will be interesting to see how these cooler night temps later this week are going to effect the fish and whether they will pull back or stay put. Mud flats have also been a producer over the last week and I expect both of the above patterns to only get better as we move through spring.  As I mentioned above, the numbers have been on the typical areas like points, lead in banks etc which can more for a lot of fun for the person just wanting to catch fish.  Water temps have been from the mid 50s in most creeks with the warmest we have fished being mid 60s and water clarity is about normal for Old Hickory. We have seen several areas that have turned over and literally saw a 10 degree water temperature drop in one spot over the last 2 days because of it. Moving baits have been the go to over the last several weeks with shallow running crankbaits, spinnerbaits and rattle baits getting the workload. If the wind isn’t cooperating and we are forced to plan b shakey heads, c-rigged creature baits and finesse jigs have been the deal.

The crappie have seemed to really come on in the last week or so with both good numbers and quality. We are catching our fish from about 12 fow- 1 fow throwing 1/8th and 1/16th oz jigs. This bite should only improve as well as we move through spring.

Here at OHGS we use brand new high end fishing equipment from Denali Rods, Lews reels, Vicious Line, Fish Terror Baits, Strike King, Eco Pro Tungsten and other top of the line equipment. I am a United States Coast Guard licensed captain and 100% dedicated to making your trip the trip of a lifetime.



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